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Default Re: Tesla Technology Down Under?

Hey hey
Yeah that Jindalee report is utter crap.
For a start long wavelength radars are easy as fuck to jam, only milimeteric radars are to my knowledge at the moment unjammable, or frequencey hopping burst systems.
Yeah well as for the first of its type the Ruskies have had thier "woodpeckers" since the 70s and the HAARP has been around for a while as well, funny only the good folk of Siberia claim theirs as OTH radars.
We all know what there for, there have been a lot of fireballs whizzing around the desert skys out our way for quite a time.

If you think thats interesting you should check out the "Echelon" spy system and with particular refference to the Deakon building in Canberra which within its 4 foot thick windowless reinforced concrete walls, is resplendent with the largest nest of cray supercomputers in the southern hemisphere and a fibre optic direct line to NSA headquarters in Virginia.
They dont need to spy on us, we do it for them and if they see fit they let us know whats going on.
Its a shame they actually use the info against us on issues as trivial as stealing our export markets.
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