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Default Re: What are some REALISTIC ways to thwart plans?

Hey, ahmad . . . I have no trouble with the words you quote from the quran . . . but there has to be something there about slaying djin and devil alike. If it's not in the plan to slay them . . . and if their illusions are too broad and spectacular for people to see the truth . . . and if we are unable to open their eyes with word or personal deed . . . then its time to put the devil's plans apart.

We are many and they are few . . . they have toys of their own, and they have an army . . . an army, unfortunately that my uncle is a part of. . . (he's over the pond in that litter box as I type this . . . and I've seen VR images of the land and buildings . . . the place has turned into a real shithole)

My only point was that prayers can only do so much . . . and there must be a time and a place for all things, right? With this given as an axiom . . . what do we do to physically tear down the Satanic Shroud of Lies for those so dazzled by illusion that they can't find the truth? The dark light has people blinded. I am fully aware that all things that glitter are not gold, but the illusion is just so damn good, that I, as intelligent as I am, for an artist, could not see the illusions.

My wife is blinded by this shroud . . . if words are not enough for her to believe, then do I allow her to be condemned and spend my eternity alone? Do I spend my eternity in a state that I hated, and was one of the top ten reasons that I got married in the first place? Do I allow the same illusion that is over my wife's eyes wash over my daughter? Do I allow her to be condemned to suffer with my wife as well?

The time has come and passed that I discovered that I would GLADLY and FREELY condemn my OWN mortal soul to murder those who would hurt my loved ones. I am not trying to be like Christ, either. I don't know if you have kids . . . but I'll TRY to explain how much I love my daughter. . .

If I had to choose between my daughter and my wife in a life or death situation, like a kidnapper . . . I'd run in with a grenade and bury the grenade between myself and the kidnapper.

If my daughter or wife lost her eyesight . . . I would give her mine if the surgery was possible.

If my wife or daughter needed my heart, I'd blow my own head off, so that they would live.

If my wife or daughter was buried in a mountain, I would hammer away, night and day, restless, until I either died, or I got her out, dead or alive.

If the armed conflict hit our (american) soil . . . I would defend it with first my rifle, then from the corpses I left from the enemy.

If GOD HIMSELF told me that the only way my daughter's life could be saved by selling my soul to Satan, I would.

I would take on the whole of hell on my own to assure my family's existence.

If a meteor was travelling toward earth . . . and only a nuke could save the planet, I would GLADLY travel to it MYSELF to press the button that blew the thing up, and me with it.

If the only thing that could save my daughter's life was to get cut up on a meat slicer . . . one strip at a time, feet first, up to my ankles . . . i would endure it.

If I had to slide down a pole with razor wire and land in a pool of rubbing alcohol to save my family's lives . . . I would do so.

If I had to be cooked alive in boiling water, like a lobster . . . to save my family's live's I would do it.

If I had to jump onto a lava stream so my family could use me as a stepping stone to get to safety . . . I would do it.

I would endure any agony, I would face any fear, I would KILL AN ANGEL if I had to, to save my family.

Certainly murdering someone to keep my family safe wouldn't be so bad as all the other agonizing experiences I would volunteer for in order to save my family.

Now if there is ANYONE who thinks that ANYTHING is beyond deed . . . think again. . . I'm not asking for these things of anyone . . . I'm asking that we inconvieneince a few spoiled rich-bitches. I'm asking to make these fuck-heads late for meetings . . . melt mergers . . . sabotage stock trading . . . send a computer virus . . .

You wanna pray . . . pray in the car on the way there. Of course if you are totally submitted to God, then you have nothing to fear but fear alone.

And, ahmad . . . don't think I'm knocking you . . . but sometimes . . . God has nothing to do with it . . . when it comes to the life of your family, and in cold blood you must murder someone . . . God is not on your mind . . . and I said it before, and I'll say it again.

I would gladly give up my eternity to assure that my daughter grows up to be a good woman, and get to heaven. . . cuz if I go through all the damnation hell has to offer, and she ends up next to me, the devil is going to have to get in line to beat her ass.


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