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Default Re: Tesla Technology Down Under?

Thanx Khopesh for your unput.

Yes, they have had a doozy behind those 4ft thick walls for a while. Since the late 80's. Australia may be a island of only 20 million but it plays a vital role in the NWO program.

Things will begin happening here in the next 12 months. Massive imigration from the Elite. Massive immigration of low skilled labour from overseas to tie in with Howards I.R "reforms"...the Dialectical Meterialists" have found a welcome home in the land Down Under.

I'm not so sure the fat lazy slobs called Aussies will take it though.

It amazes me that stuff like Jindalee can just sit there unmolested by our "complient" mainstream media. That includes our beloved SBS and ABC who seem to miss an awful lot of shaninigans right under their noses.

As for Packer...i sware he LITERALLY sold his soul to the devil a long time ago. Strangely, i have heard 2nd and third hand that he is fiercly loyal to his staff and well liked. At times very down to Earth...i saw him nearly cry on t.v years ago when recounting a beating from his father. The great news is his and Murdochs son are complete dissapointments to their fathers and refuse to be so ruthless.

At least Packer would NEVER exchange his Australian Citizenship for profit...i think.
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