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I will explain further, as I feel I speak from experience and not solely observation.

The schools are a crock of shit. Yes. The piece of paper given at the end is valueless as it is given to illiterate and innumerate graduates as well as clever kids alike. A High School Diploma will only get you a McJob in this day and age.

I feel that math and English are the two subjects I work hard with my children to make sure they gain a sound knowledge of. My son has shown interest in engineering, so I will have to really push the math with him and the physics... thank God there are tutors and I can earn the money to pay them. Yay God.

When my eldest daughter, left lamestream due to rediculous incessant bullshit, she was bored and lonely. Teenagers are very, very, social creatures. Their esteem seems be be founded in their little group. Friends are so important. Even amongst 98% asshole, me and my children can always manage to find a few like minds and a few friends. We don't run with the crowd per se and we like being sociable, none the less.

In taking my youngest out of school... she wants to be with her peers - full stop. She would much rather be with little people than me, even if her teacher is a witch.

I am a strong enough influence in my children's lives and I have imbedded my morality into their little minds and I have given them the gift of reasoning and communication - math and english. They can think for themselves, is my point.

I believe that when children are of a graduating age, they are forced to deal with the real world and its 98% asshole mentality. It is very rare to find a job placement these days where happiness may be found. Most people hate their jobs because of who they work with.

School prepares children to get along with and be aware of all the different walks of life. My kids are far too individual to be indoctrinated.

I find the home-schooled kids are clones of their parents ways and thoughts. They aren't really learning anything new. See what I mean? Isolation is taught to be way of life and it becomes very easy not to care about your fellow man when you do not socialise with him.

Anti-social behaviour is what home-schooling creates in my mind, and a perpetuation of successful clones who will bow to the system, fitting in just fine.

Lamestream education is a joke and mainly teaches coping abilities with normal social stresses. It can be a very challenging experience for a child out of the box.

The real education comes after high school when the individual chooses what he/she wishes to learn to do to earn the pennies to live a good life. My choice will always be a private school that offers a trade. Hands on work one can do for oneself as a way past employment into entrepreneurship.

Just my perspective.

Mrs. Clinton ? She looks a right bitch and all. What are women thinking these day?

Mary XXX

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