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Default Okay, I was Bored!!


I cracked Leviathan's code:

You have to remove some of the excess zero's, but here it is folks:

Part of his code:


My birthday:


6 plus 1 plus 3 = 10

5 plus 6 = 11


Do you see it? 1011

Now, let's go further:


Look at this:

911 is in there. See it??

It is in there in many ways.

Whoever guesses the most ways to scramble my birthdate and come up with 911 is the winner!!!

A fun-filled trip to South Florida on Monday, 10/24/05. Look at that. The day the Hurricane may strike. 911 in there as well.

I was born six weeks pre-mature, C-section, traumatic birth and on a Wednesday.

Wednesday's child is full of WOE!!

Over and over again.

Just so you know, I started this reply as a JOKE; however, my birthdate is quite interesting.

"I'm a disaster waiting to happen." However, I never knew what they meant.

:lol: 8-) :lol: 8-)

My father's birthday:


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