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Default Re: Video Montage: "Voodoo Child" By Oz Band Rouge Traders Set To Alex Jones's Latest About Bohemian

As an Ozzie taxpayer, and reviewing your posts, am I actually paying for your free time ?

If so...keep up the good work.

Well i do try for work but it seems when i "negotiate" no one wants me.

For instance I am so brash to say things like..."i will come into work on time every time. I will never take a sickie and will never drink on Sunday before work and get a hangover. I do not need time off because my girlfriend/wife has left me and i will be courtious and respectful. You in return shall grant me respect and a fair days pay for a fair days work. I have no particular love of your company and in fact only work to pay bills...i have no wish to attend your 'employee group bonding' amature psychology crap so please dont bother to send me an e-mail requesting my presence".

Strangely no one will give me a job though i am an excellent consciences worker.

I remember the late eighties when i started work...before all the psychology crap came in. You just went to work and paid your you must be "one of the team". What fucking mind control bullshit.

I will stay happily on the dole. I will get off when Packer pays i should be safe.
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