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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

I notice a lot of discussion on many of the topics on these forums. It seems that a lot of you are just waking up. you have those early morning jitters that you feel something is not right, as though the sun is actually blue and for some reason, it's rising in the west and not the east.

However, you're still falling into the trap of the very evil power schema that is controlling the fate of the world.

ANYBODY in power is a threat to mankind. I could care less if George Bush is breaking away from the NWO, or that this Masonic lodge is at odds with this one or that one. The bottom line is absolute power corrupts absolutely. You're still trying to put faith in a person or group of people who you think and hope and pray have your best interests in mind. Sadly, nobody in power on this planet has your best interests in mind. They could care less if you and your family have your house demolished by an act of God. As long as they sit in their palaces and eat off a silver platter and drink from a golden goblet, they will not lift a finger to help you. Do you really think the pope cares about you? Or for that matter, George Bush?

Not to get socialist, but why do movie stars, professional musicians and atheletes make more money than any other profession? If these people actually cared about ordinary citizens, the true people that make this world go round, they would not own more than one modest house and drive more than one car. In other words, they would not live in excess.

Since I touched on the above groups of people, I should add that I know the answer to why these people are paid as much as they are. The yare the cake, the diversion given to us, the common people to keep us from questioning our world leaders. They keep us placated while the earth is raped and our fellow human being are exploited all in the name of profit. And what is profit, but living in luxury on the backs of the masses.

Do not trust in your current world leaders, no matter how glib of tongue they are. Ignore their false promises no matter how sweet they make them. New leaders will rise to take back this planet. Not in the name of a religion, or an ideology, but in the name of humanity, it's rightful inheritors. The new leaders will also know that humanity will not stand for corruption of power, and will depose them the same as we will depose those that now control us.

The coming human revolution will be brutal, and many will die on both sides. However, we must not give any quarter, for no quarter will be given us. The residents of Fallujah are being given the choice of National I.D. cards, retinal scans and fingerprints or death. If it is successful there, it will be successful in all of Iraq. And from a newly birthed police state under the guise of a democracy, our current world leaders will seek to institute this policy in the rest of the "free" world so that we may give up our liberties for security. To quote a forefather, "Those willing to give up a little liberty for a little security deserve neither security nor liberty."

Anyway, I'm on a rant again. I'll leave you to think about what I have said.

Mr. Shady
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