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Default Re: What are some REALISTIC ways to thwart plans?

DC you pain in the ass, you made me cry.

I would also gladly go to hell and back for my children. Imagine how much more God loves us when we realises the depths of the love we hold for our own children. And doesn't that love and protective feeling expand out towards any child? Isn't love grand and ain't God great?

Madcow... I agree

Satan, step back. I live by that one.

Wise and gentle... I sing a song and one day, if I still have not found forgiveness in my heart for that bitch, I will assault her with a few home truths and no doubt that cat will scratch. Then I'll knock her lights out, with pleasure.

I try my best not to draw first blood - I don't start things and I surely know how to end them, with the spoken truth.

For some folks the truth hurts and painful as it may be, the truth has always been kind to me.

A very good Bible bashing friend of mine taught me that money, in itself, is not evil but the love of money is the problem.

Asking God for specifics works in numbers? Experiencing is believing.

Madcow has all the answers and she humbly says that is all she can think of. What a babe!

I would only disagree with rule breaking. I believe if the law is corrupt, it does not apply to me. I'll stand in any court and testify that truth, to my grave.

Mary XXX
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