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Default Re: Video Montage: "Voodoo Child" By Oz Band Rouge Traders Set To Alex Jones's Latest About Bohemian

carry oin then.

I hate the mind control shit.

We had one "session", where we all had to lie on our backs, and the teacher tried to hypnotise us (seriously). After walking down the stairs, unlocking the door, and going to some sectret place, we were told that stress was natural, and good, and more importantly was OUR reaction to the events around us, NOT something imposed on us by management. We were to remember that. Then we had to close the door, walk back up the steps, feeling more refreshed, and wake up on one...two...

I started pissing myself laughing at that point, much to the consternation of the lecturer.

BTW, I get the "you are far too cynical" talk every 3 months these days.

How often am I right ?

Nearly every time, but the fact that I think those thoughts in the first place, irrespective of whether they come true, is what makes me at risk of becoming a bitter twisted engineer.

becoming ?
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