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Default Re: a religious free thread...can it be done? Democracy and freedom.

Okay . . . here we go.

As a man . . . I move through the world of my own accord, without appology, for every move I make on this great chessboard of life, I make after considerable thought.

I love my wife, even though she has the tendency to be a pain in the ass, and she is ignorant of most topics in their true nature. For some reason, the views of the media is more important to her then the one man who loves her, reguardless of who she is or what she does. And yes, I do trash her every so often. If I didn;t I would not be honest to myself or to the rest of you. The fact that I can talk about my wife the way I do, and still love her unconditionally, must prove something to this crowd. And by the way . . . anyone who talks shit about her has ME to answer to. No doubt.

I love my daughter, to the ends that I border on obsession. However, I use restraint when she is about to fall down while sh's trying to stand up (as an example, if she was going to fall out of her highchair or crib or something, I would most definitely get her before she fell) because I know that although I do not wish to see her land on her tushy, I know that we learn through our mistakes.

I've always loved a good physical fight. It helps tone the muscles of the body . . . it helps the mind become stronger (through the will to keep fighting after you've been hurt) . . . and it keeps the spirit strong through that will. In all martial arts, physical tests are also tests for the mind. I'm a former student of the Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Style of Martial Arts . . . 12 years at that. I know more ways to incapacitate a man with my fingertips than Carter has Liver Pills . . . however, I was not allowed to learn these until I learned how to counteract the harmful effects of a strike, as well as experiencing the excruciating pain of a pressure point strike. I had to learn what my opponent was feeling, and to have compassion for my enemy first. Good method of learning if you ask me.

I am also a 3D artist, as well as a 2D artist. All computer generated . . . my hands are not steady enough to draw anymore, at the ripe old age 27 years . . . due to nerve damage in a street fight about 5 years ago. I don't drop the 'n bomb' often, but I was attacked by three niggers (and yes, thats EXACTLY what they were) in the parking lot of a club. I was drunk, and I was stabbed twice, but I had enough of my discipline instilled in me that I almost killed one with a finger-tip strike to the head . . . and the other two I knocked unconscious, one through the pain he felt from my counter attack, and the other by being thrown directly on his head. I had my day in court, it was ruled self defense, and I was redeemed.

I learned to shoot at a very young age. Rifles, handguns, bow and arrow, and crossbow. My redneck uncle taught me all I needed to know about gun samety, and how to use them in case some filthy foreign power came to take us over. I've been on hunting trips with him just about every year since I was 10, and I've bagged just about every type of animal that was allowed by Pennsylvania law. We always ate what we killed, and whatever we couldn't use we either sold or gave away. Maybe not the most noble thing to do, but hey, I'm being honest.

Now . . . my political views . . . hold on tight.

Normally, I live by the words live and let live . . . however, I have been blessed with second sight recently, so I now live to erradicate the toold through which the corrupt exploit us.

Until recently I was a democrat. Now I will vote for Mickey Mouse from here on in. Since the lesser of two evils is no longer good enough for me, I'd rather waste my vote then not vote at all.

But on an even more serious note . . . here are my views on the following topics . . .

I believe that men and women should be equal. We both have our roles based on the individual family unit. Some men make more money than their wives, and they should go to work. The women who make more maney at work, should stay working. Not to say I love money TOO much (however, it is nice to have everything I need for my family to be comfortable) but I saw the first truth to feminism the first time I noticed that girls were not icky anymore. What made men . . . who were physically stronger . . . cower down to a small woman just because she is mad? I'm still trying to answer this for myself . . . becasue I do not cower down to my wife, nor have I cowered to any woman. But this girls are better than boys shit has to stop. Neither is better than the other. We are different, yes, and that has its advantages.

I do not appreciate homosexuality being shoved down my throat. I do not appreciate being hit on by men at a broadway play. I do not appreciate the art field and the fashion field and the cosmetology field being over run with homosexual men and influences. I wanted to be a hair dresser for a short time . . . have you ever seen all the hot ass that walks into a salon in a day? Maybe it's a shallow reason, but I was 14 at the time. I use hair salons on a regular basis to get my haircuts rather than a barber shop . . . because I KNOW the girl who cuts my hair is going to flirt with me so I'm more inclined to give a better tip. It boosts my self confidence, and at least I can go home to my wife, knowing that I have the sensibility that although I did this purposefully, I knew that nothing was going to come of it, and I feel a bit better about myself. It may be wrong, but psychology most certainly tells us that women, other than a man's spouse, that compliment the man will bolster the ego of the man more than the 'biased' opinion of his spouse. The same feelings go for women as well, I'm sure. The point is, its NATURAL for men and women to mix in this way, not two men, and not two women. I do have an easier time accepting (to use that word mildly) female homosexuality than male homosexuality . . . because I am attracted to women and not men, that, and because women are naturally more affectionate than men, so this is easier for me to stomach.

I do not appreciate homosexuality being promoted on most of the television stations . . . being that a mere 3 to 5 percent of the world is homosexual. It is reminiscent of the army recruitment commercials that are shown on TV from time to time. The hidden message says, "hey big boy, join uth. we jutht love thtrait men." The fact of the matter here is, these men want to be like women. A woman ALWAYS wants more things that she cannot have, or things that are most difficult to attain. Its not because they are necessarily envious or gold diggers, but they are more up to a challenge. However, I love a good challenge, but I enjoy being challenged to create impossible imagry in a freakish amount of time on my computer . . . a person's heart has never been a valid form of challenge to me. Peoples' emotions are not toys . . . they are fragile parts of the self-image that dictate how we are driven to do what we will do that day, from the time we get up, till the time we lay back down. This is where the 'wrong side of the bed' terminology came from, and its true.


I don't want the government seeing what I am doing at all times. There is no need for it. I'm not the best person in the world, but I do not need a mommy or daddy looking over my shoulder. I was taught well as a kid, even though my mom was a bit of a ding-bat, she is where my artistic nature is derived from. My father was another story . . . he was tough, but fair. And they taught me the things I needed to know, as well as how to make decisions for myself . . . not just to follow orders blindly. I believe that this, as well as my trials and tribulations, my errors, my pains, etc. (and my unavoidable beliefs in spirtuality) has made me the man I am today. Why should Uncle Sam or Advertizers or Marketing Agencies need to know all there is about me? I think that THEY should have enough sense to put the RIGHT messages out to us, make the RIGHT products for us, and let us make our own decisions. If we lived in a better world, they wouldn't feel the NEED to watch over us the way they do . . . unfortunately, THEY fucked up this world in the name of material possessions and bottom lines . . . and so they have to hide their mistakes and make sure anyone who knows that they are not infallable stays quiet. It sounds more like a guilty consience than religiously based reasons to me, but I cannot help but wonder the real root of it all. And I cannot help that my faith drives me more than my political views.


"A banker is the first person to loan you their umbrella when it is sunny out, and ask for it back when it starts raining."

They are all scumbags. They all want to make money by manipulating numbers over the course of time and percentage . . . and are all mathematician wanna-be's who are not smart enough to know the difference between Pathagorean theorum and Gaussian functions. All these bankers are merely glorified accountants that want to get rich quick. They do not care who they ruin, and if they can get most of the money they loan you, along with countless amounts of interest (payment for the favor of loaning you the cash in the first place) AND the property you got through the loan, they're happy. A banker's self-worth is not measured by love or by affection. They are driven by bragging rights. That's even more shallow than the reason I wanted to learn hair-dressing for that very short amount of time. At least I was looking for companionship (the only way a raging hormone 14 year old can understand).


Well, well, well . . . the law is the one place that evil can corrupt the whole system . . . I know that religion is not welcome here . . . but this only borders on the topic . . . has anyone here ever seen "the Devils Advocate?" I must say, that this is the closest explaination that makes the best sense.

Again . . . its driven by money-hunger. The reason most (not all) students of law chose to get into it in the first place is because of the money . . . ESPECIALLY CRIMINAL LAW. Almost nobody ever says that they want to save the wrongly accused . . . its because they bring in more money than any other type of lawyer . . . second to LAWSUIT ATTOURNEYS.

These lawsuit assholes are a breed unto themselves. Does anyone realize how REDICULOUS a class action suit is? Its the only lawsuit that makes the lawyer unconsionable amounts of money, and saves the corporation from the potential danger of going broke from individual awards, while fucking the people, who get a mere fraction of what they deserve. Any company that got slapped with a class action suit probably HIRED the class action attourney on their own . . . to save them from individual suits which can reap more damage. If I was a CEO, I'd ratehr get hit with a class action . . . how about you?

AND WHY IS EVRY FUCKING POLITICIAL, SAVE FOR A FEW, ALL EX-LAWYERS? This just affirms my belief that these LAWYERS are not satisfied with ALL THE MONEY they have made, so they have to coax bribes from lobbyists to MAKE NEW LAWS for their favor . . . Does anyone else see how BACKWARDS THIS IS? I mean, its just so backwards . . . its actually perplexing to the degree that I cannot explain my views sufficiently enough without making it seem like I'm double talking also.

And the FCC . . . (I'm an American, so this is what we call the Federal Communications Commission) . . . this is not an elected body . . . is is an apponted one. And these are the people who dictate what we are allowed to see and hear on television and radio. So the government decided . . . all by themselves . . . that they were going to choose who is going to decide what we are allowed to see and hear? The same self-righteous bastards say its not okay to see titties . . . which is what babies use to sustain life and get the best form of antibodies . . . but its okay to see two guys kissing each other in a religious-type wedding scenario . . . making a mockery of the family unit? These people . . . who said its okay for EVERY SNGLE SHOW ON THE NETWORKS DURING PRIME-TIME to contain rabid-man-hating-feminism, homosexuality, cheating on the spouse, murder, theft, and a whole host of other things that represent wrong-doing that provides us with fantasies of committing wrong doing . . . and wishing we could get AWAY with it?

Lawyers should be buried 12 feet down when they die instead of the traditional 6 feet . . . deep down, they're good people.


Well, well, well . . . here we have a whole bunch of people that we give money to to help 'find a cure' that will never be released. What you're donating to is a bunch of people that want to keep us as sick as humanly possible without allowing us to die peacefully in the name of the almighty dollar. These people are rapidly climbing the ranks, in a race to be worse than lawyers. I really don't want to get started on this, becasue it will turn into an angry rant.


More thieves . . . just like drug companies, but with fuel for transportation and heat. Another rant waiting here . . . and so I'm not going into it.


A very unfortunate event, indeed . . . however I cannot confidently give to any cause without fear of paying into the 'powers that be' . . . and so I offer spiritual wishes in its place. If there is a particular thing that they need . . . I would rather send that thing in a mass quantity of some kind than send money. However, I am no longer a rich man, so I'm not able to send either without denying my family some necessities (food, rent, things like that).


This is basicly what I have to say on the above issues . . . there is so much more to me than this also. I'm a very complex person who believes in the simplest best method toward a a problem is a proper solution (path from a to b with no shortcuts) . . . and I'll be happy to debate anyone on any topic that I am familliar with. And I also have the ability to go con on issues that I agree with, because I have been blessed with the sight to see both sides of the coin . . . however . . . I DO believe in this movement . . . and, unless asked to by the poster, I'll never go against anyone for the hell of it . . . I will however disagree at times . . . just as you will disagree with me as well. And no matter how I feel about a view I do not agree with, I do agree that you have a right to have a differing view than mine. Please respect me as I respect you.



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