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Default Re: Wilma being maneuvered

Bouncer wrote:
I'd really appreciate some info on which occult organizations are stationed there. Probably not coincidence, if true, that occult and pedophilia go hand in hand, so to speak.

Can you part the veil for us and tell us who in the US is buying foreign child snuff movies ?
OTO, yes indeed. But they do even more. The LORD will crush them for this. There is no need to part the veil. The LORD is parting the veil as we speak. You will not need to wonder much longer. For the LORD will lay the earth bare and naked.

He shall not turn back at all. It is the LORD strong and powerful. The LORD God Omnipotent. He will perform Justice, he will spend all his arrows on his enemies. He shall repay them two-fold to their faces. It is so and worthy of all acceptation.
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