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Default The Xian Word for all the Xians out there

So, you're an Xian. That's what they made you. They wanted to take the Christ out of your Christianity and turn you into an Xian.

Some of you make fine Xians indeed. I find it Xtremely difficult to have mercy on the Xians out there. That is Xactly what you are.


Xians are Apostates. Xians are consigned to the Armies of Gog and Magog.

I appreciate that fact that the Xians out there have given me no help whatsover in this CHRISTIAN war! I don't want the help of an Xian!

Go celebrate Xmas. Worship X, your chosen unChrist. You will find that Christ, who died on the X, will quickly X you out if you don't repent from being Xians.

X is going to X out the world! And X is going to X you out with it if you don't start raising up the Standard of the Cross again.

You have this one in the bag Christians. Rejoice. For this war is won indeed.

But to the Xians out there: Of all people in this world, you are the most bizarre to me. WHY DON'T YOU GET OUT OF THE CHURCH!? You are neither hot nor cold. What good are you to either Satan or Christ? Christ wished you were either hot or cold. But since you are Xians, Christ gives you an X rating.

You had the Kingdom in your hands. All power was given to you. They could not have withstood you for one hour. But they gave you Wormwood, put you to sleep, and made you Xians.


I appreciate the fact that the Xians have shown their true colors. God does not want Xians. And the very fact that the Xians neither understand my words, nor join in the battle is witness against all Xians that they are in fact Xians.

Thank you.

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