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Default Re: Does anyone know what these masonic hand gestures and signals are?

nohope.. Just for no reason I was at the Manson trial.. I was a folksinger outside the courthouse.. singing for spare change, and a bunch of Charlie's Angels liked my act and convinced my to try and smuggle my guitar into the courtroom.. "Charlie could defend himself in court if he had a guitar" they said. He was basically a folksinger.. So the chicks talked me into trying to barge my guitar thru the courtroom doors.. It didn't work out the cops stopped me... But I tried.

I was there.

Eventually after the trial they came over to visit in Venice California.. I was a friend of the court illustrator. Ms. Davis.. who lived across the street..

I had them in my front room in front of the fireplace at one time.. With X's carved freshly in their foreheads and blood on their knees from crawling on all fours to the ocean beach, from the central L.A. Courthouse... My wife (Rita)had me usher them out of the house after awhile.

I was a Hollywood guru at one time.. but changed my act from false prophet to Punky the Clown in 1970.. There was only room for one person claiming to be God at the time in Hollywood.. And he had his Angels..

And it was a very spooky business to be in.. The "I am Jesus, I am God, I am Satan," business.. allows for only one very protected and jealous exist...alive.

The problem with the God business is that.. "If I can put a bullet thru your head.. You ain't God."
It's a very tough business to be in.

Believe it or not.
google check.. Manson trial court illustrator.. find out if she is still living.. give her a ringle.. and ask her about Richard/Punky in Venice in 1969... I have no reason to B.S. you nohope. I was there.

I used to hang out at the Monkies house, and have jammed with Brian Wilson.. Who also was in the Manson sphere.
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