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Socialized pension, socialized child-rearing (if you may call it that), socialized health (disease, really) care, socialist programs of every kind, ovegrown busy-body bureaucracy regulating every aspects and moments of everyone's life, 50% taxation, no freedom, no independence, no self-sufficiency.
And just what is wrong with these socialist programs as you call them?.
Their weaker members of society that need those kind of services to survive because they are either to old to work incapitated or redundant due to skills or eduation shortage.
Your Response seems callous and selfish.
In my view these kind of individualistic views only play into the hands of the illuminati not the the other way round.

If you wish to make this some kind of left right ideological debate then i would point out that Hitler was nothing but Illuminati stooge as much as Stalin or anyone else in on the Left in world history!.GWB is nothing but an economic libertarian to a degree and look how much he plays into the NWO agenda!.

Further why is that you feel you are self sufficient!.
No one is self sufficent so dont delude yourself, self employed business people are interacting with the NWO more than others.
After all what is the NWO but an Economic system it is cetainly not a common society for anyone (except for media and corporate monopoly) as such because we all live pluralist individualist lives to some extent!.
Its cultural values may seem liberal to left wing I agree however, the Economic libertarians and Free traders of this world have no problem with those values either, do they?

Your Self interest reminds me of some kind of Economic libertarian but your views will only lead you right to the heart of the NWO!.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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