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Default Re: How Blue Angel just made me jack off

Shannow wrote:
A guy with a porn collection of the likes that you've shown the people here, you should scarcely blame anyone else for your own decision to take matters into your own hand so to speak.
You might not believe this, shannow, but a major part of cleansing an absess is to first recognize the absess. These were not my 'porn collection'. They are freely available beastiality and necrophilia pics on the internet. They are there for your kids to see some day.

Do you want that shannow? Do you want this to continue?

Then DON'T PLAY HOLIER THAN THOU WITH ME! I'm in the same boat that you are! We've got bigger fish to fry! Society is being eaten with subliminal maggots all over the place.

And if you are to have any chance, and if your kids are to have any chance, then we had better get over our smug sanctimony REALLY FAST!

I don't care if people know about it. It does no more harm. In fact, TELLING THE TRUTH is the way to cure it.

Actually, Blue Angel's Monarch shatter code has actually given me a new weapon. I never understood the Principle of mind control until this moment.

It is even better though, because I have EXPERIENCED it. I understand now. It's a butterfly effect. One thought leads to another thought lead to another thought until it overrides the will.

Let me tell you something Blue Angel, you have just helped me to understand Monarch through pure intuition.

The use of incoded nouns and verbs.

"Feel hard"
"You are a devil"
"You look like a devil"


I understand now. In fact, I understand it so rapidly and easily that I now even understand how to read someone's mind based on their own writing. If it is possible to send shatter codes then it is also possible to learn how to defend against them.

I don't need to hide my thoughts to you, Blue Angle. I just tell it like it is to your face.

You, BlueAngel, are an Illuminist.
You not only reject Christ, you mock him in many subtle ways that I quickly pick up on.
You caused one of his to stumble this very night.
You are an evil person.
I'm going to learn how to weild this new weapon that you have given me.

Then I'm going to use it.
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