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Default Re: So, You Think Jews Are Smarter?

I have to say it's surprising how during all our discussions of God, religion and spirituality NOBODY seems to get the fact that there are DIFFERENT types and styles of sprituality and differing attitudes towards spiritual realities. Everyone seems stuck in the idea that the ONLY type of spirituality is the so-called Judeo-Christian one of the "desert religions" and that NO OTHER SPIRITUALITY EXISTS.

Nomad, so what if the Old Testament writes that Jews shall be a blessing to the entire human race?

Firstly, there are other scriptures apart from the Judeo-Christian OT. The OT is NOT relevant to all peoples.

Secondly, the Jewish supremacists you seem to belong to consider themselves the ONLY HUMANS and all non-Jews animals, so really that's another reason the OT - and especially this passage you're quoting - is NOT relevant to non-Jews: the "human race" the Jews are supposed to be the blessing to is, according to the Jews, the Jews themselves, AND ONLY THE JEWS.
The OT claim that the Jews are supposed to be a blessing to the "entire human race" has been distorted by the Jews themselves and used to fool non-Jews to believe the false doctrine of "equality among all human races", while the Jews consider themselves superior and hence NOT equal to non-Jews.

Thirdly, the OT has been falsified, forged, misinterpreted, misunderstood so much there's hardly any point in refering to it, since there are so many much more reliable sources and scriptures not tampered with. And of course, who did most of the tampering of the OT?
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