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Default Re: How Blue Angel just made me jack off

BlueAngel wrote:
Gawd, you are a disgusting PIG!!!

Ever hear of a TPYO????
No. I'm not a disgusting pig! YOU ARE A WHORE! Do you think that I speak in the physical sense? No, not at all. I'm talking about the spiritual sense. And I know that you are the very 'Seductress' spoken of in proverbs because your own words and actions betray you.

It was no typo. In fact, that is the very excuse that makes those who use Monarch able to get away with what they do.

I might have sinned, but at my heart I'm not an evil person. I don't have a fundamentaly evil will.

But I can tell you this much about you, BlueAngel, YOU ARE.

Your inner will is as black as midnight. I called you a Whore because that is the Archetype you project. And you cannot fool me because I look for the truth.

You have the brazen look of a harlot. There is no fear of God before your eyes. This is the very thing I will no longer stand for in this world.

I want people like you OUT of this world, BlueAngel! YOU ARE THE WARPED ONE! You manipulated me and YOU KNOW IT!

No typo. It was quite intentional and effective.

Just understand that I will no longer keep these sorts of things 'subliminal'. If YOU project something like this on me, then I promise you it will be all over YOUR FACE in the end!

This is how society has manipulated men. I understand it now. I am better equipped for fight it now and destroy it.

In the presence of God I say this, I have no feeling for people like you, BlueAngel. What you did is a murderous as anything any mass murderer has ever done.

You might be married, but in the Spirit you are truly a Whore in the deepest, most metaphysical sense of the term.
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