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If this governnment is secret, of which I have no doubt, why then have presidents, politicians, military leaders, etc. left messages to this effect?

If this government is a "one party" system and those who are elevated to political status by climbing the ladder of Freemasonry; being groomed and trained for the job from a very young age; coming from a long line of elitist families (corrupt in nature); elitist is the wrong word to use in this instance; selling themselves to the citizens as representatives of our wishes; in reality working for the bankers; serving a higher authority; themselves and not U.S., why then are they so blatant and forthright in their statements as exemplified by the post of Governor Bush regarding restriction of our freedoms.

If this is merely for purposes of "conditioning," I am stupified as to how dumb the sheeple truly are.

All one has to do is compile a list of quotes since the birth of this nation and the "warning" signs as to what these people are truly about are as visible as writing on a wall.
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