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Default Re: Loving Your Chains

Well, yes, pharmacological methods play a key role in their operation at present.

They are selling us drugs on television and asking us to seek same from our doctor.

Not to mention what they term "recreational" drugs such as cocaine, etc.

There are drugs for everything. A drug for this and a drug for that.

After creating ADHD in so many children, they want us to treat our children with SPEED. They have no idea what causes ADHD, or so they say, it is a child and now even an adult who is hyperactive or overactive or just plain active and the ingestion of SPEED somehow controls this acceleration of the brain. Yes, it's always good to give children speed and suppress their appetite. NOT!!!

Impatience, intolerance because we are running at light speed trying to keep up with family and job and popping a pill in lieu of having the time to try to understand, connect and relate to others is tossed aside.

Stepping out of line, as in not behaving like a perfect little angel in school is met with intolerance.

Kids can no longer be kids. They are looked at as if there is something wrong with them when they don't behave in school like mind control robots/slaves.

The last straw for me was Viagra and Dole being used to push it.

The consequences and side effects of so many drugs can be fatal and in most cases the public is only made aware of same after it is too late.

Guniea pigs and slaves.

This is what we are to them.
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