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Default Re: Loving Your Chains

BlueAngel wrote:
I think you are a little mixed up.

You are the slave and not I.
It is not true. And therefore it does not stand.

I've given up all things of this world - because I DON'T 'CARE'.

I confess my sins - because I DON'T 'CARE'.

I proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ which can set captives free - because I DON'T 'CARE'.

I tell you that you are a slave, because it is true on every plane of existance - because I DON'T 'CARE'.

I dare the Illuminati to their faces, because I don't 'Care'!

I will conquer all - because I don't 'Care'.

I will not have cares of this world.

I will not be slave to the invisible cares this world would cast upon me.

I will put the God damned bird 'Care' to the torch!

And the Bird of Paradise shall come in.
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