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Default Re: the fall of the pale house?

It is time fellow Americans that our leaders be punished for their crimes upon humanity!!

Be not afraid!

It is time that the people take back, little by little, the power that we truly have never held.

It is time that our voices be heard.

But, it is not time to stop.

We must go further down the chain of command.

There is a deep dark evil lurking within all entities of government and military and you know it is the "cult" of which I speak.

We must weed out the satanic pigs who seek to destroy our society, our minds, our brains, our freedoms. To enslave us. To make our children sick.

To turn America into a third world country.

I will not rest until JUSTICE is served.

I will not rest until the men who abused me and thousands of other children in mind control programs; men who kill because they like the smell of death; men who destroy countries, kill and wound thousands in "unjust" wars for their own profit; men who have no scruples; men who are pedophiles unmasked for the world to see!!

They will, one day, feel the nakedness that they inflicted upon us. The shame they so desperately attempted to makes us feel for their sins.

I will not REST!!!

Let God be my witness!!
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