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Your response to me in this thread seems to indicate that you believe the Rule of Law, Western civilisation itself and Christianity are one in the same you are surely mistaken!.

The U.S is a Republic it has statute law.
Statute law has it origins in Natural Rights or the Rights of Man.
This rights speak can be traced back to the French philosophees like Rousseau and Volitaire also George washington and Thomas jefferson had similar enlightenment ideas.
These Natural Rights are Platonic in absolute origin they are not christian and able to be attributed to Jesus Christ at all!.

I would also like to point out that christianity like all other Religions is based on spirit and therefore faith in an all powerful eternal Metaphyscial God.
It is not based on, as rationalists of religion seem to think, on some kind of scientific proof of existence!.
There is nothing rational about faith in a spiritual being so how can christianity be Rationalised as you appear to be attempting to prove by linking law of the state with Christian law!. :-?
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