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Default Re: Some closure would be nice...

LaDominio wrote:
You know Iím not going to tell you any of that! That would be just plain stupid of me.

Enlightening? Tell me, what good does that do? I have tried that before... didnít work. People are too attached to their own realities to believe in ours. Maybe you will get through to a few people but the fact remains that there are 6 billion people on this earth. A more active approach would be substantial to our general 'cause'. I am only here for the purpose of networking the 'enlightened' ones.
So don't tell, but that only makes you look like a LIAR!!

Excuse me, but in case you haven't noticed Dr. Makow is well respected and CC is as well.

If you desire to be more active, go right ahead. And that would involve what?

"You're here for the purpose of networking the "enlightened" ones."

Oh, okay. Well, get back to networking!!!

The enlightened ones await you, I'm sure.

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