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Default Re: Does anyone know what these masonic hand gestures and signals are?

So he advanced in the knowledge of evil without having to go thru the bullsh*t..

An evil man took a shortcut.. and figured it out.. without a bunch of Rotary meetings and payments to get to the next level..

I know how he did it... and I have no formal training.. Yet, I know how to use mind control.. and yet it is evil.
Any believer in Judaism, Christianity or Islam.. should freak at the idea of mind control.. and yet that is what they all do.. all three religions

And the sheep of the Monotheists are happy and contented..(they say).. Even though, the wolves are biting at their lambs necks..

"Oh.. everthing is O.K." Say the Sheppard's of our three flocks.. as more wolves gather and.. Howell at the Moon... for more blood of the sheep.
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