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Default Re: Arnold Shwarzenneger president in 2008?...

O.K. here we go...

I'm gonna get a drink first and explain my point of view.

1. Democracy is bullshit. I will use my last city elections as an example. There were four candidates. The nice little naive guy spent $2000.00 and the guy being backed by hell's angels spent X? amount and happily belittles nice naive dude, saying he paid more in taxes than naive buddy earnt in a year. That knocked them two out of the race - poor exposure and poor taste.

The mayor running again spent $ 100,000.00 as opposed to his closest opponent who spent $4000.00. The media slaughtered Mr. $4000.00 and his honest opinions of the mayor and his cronies "massaging" the law.

The incumbant mayor won by the rights of the numbers of signs he displayed - his advertising - his friends in the media - his financial backers/friends(the people he owes his office to and his allegiance).

It is a given that all politicians are front people/puppets for corruption.

2. America herself did not come up with communism, capitalism, marxism or whatever you want to call the global fraudulent sceme of money. It's all cookbooks and fraud, no matter what the country and America is young, in compared to many older nations.

These puppets are placed in every country and America is not running the world show as the media would have you believe, the bankers are. You should have seen Germany, whichever side embraced capitalsim, in the 60's. America to a "T". Consumerism.

3. Globalised companies/governments run test pilots of social agenda's in different cities. An example being ING, the bank with no branches, from the Netherlands. In 2001, banks were not allowed to own insurance companies as someone figured out it would bear bad fruit.

ING came to Halifax and the Members of the legislative assembly happily changed the law to suits the needs of ING. Now some five years later and we are almost completely monopolised from the agent to the adjuster to the falsely named "independent" insurance company who is really owned by ING.

Funny in England, my life is worth a hell of a lot more than $2500.00 which is the ceiling to which I may claim should I suffer paralysis, coma, loss of limb... $2500.00 And my car insurance would cost more than my car was worth as here, if you let your insurance lapse for more than six months you are classed as a new driver and the premiums are extortionate, to say the least, and provide no REAL coverage.

To make along story short. ING piloted the idea here in Halifax and took it global. Are ING doing the same thing where you are? They are presently doing it to England, what they achieved here.

Should I blame AMERICA the front puppet country, or my MLA's the puppets of ING or should I tell you that ING is a bitch and avoid any dealings with this whore of a company at all costs.

Traditional Europe is eating up the worst of capitalism - greed. So is China - the media sells it as chique. Just like the idiots who believe cocaine is a high class drug.

Culture comes from an appreciation of one's past. Nazi-ism relies on the premise of islolate, demonize, exterminate. I think the globbies are trying to sell the world on hating the Americans so when the country is collapsed into financial ruin and social chaos, we'll all be saying, "They asked for it".

Compassion goes out the window until it happens in your own country. I think you are blaming the wrong people Ozzie and that is just my opinion.

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