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I understand exactly what you mean. I went to an area of London and I could have sworn I was back in California. The architecture, the shops, the businesses, the beautiful people, the bullshit.

When I came back this time to Nova Scotia in 2003 it felt more like California here too - it was the cociane kind of attitude I was sensing.

I understand now, what you are saying and yes you are right. The American culture of greed is being exported and imported globally. But who developed this idea? I do not believe it was corporate America solely.

I believe the NWO has been a very long running agenda, long before America was concieved as a nation, the bankers were placing all their ducks in a row and crossing their I's and T's.

I think just like ING globalised banking/Insurance fraud was birthed, here in Nova Scotia, globalised greed was an agenda and a social programming experiment that was bestowed up American citizenry, before the birth of the American Corporate machine.

The Global machine is the exact same picture as its smaller American sibling, just on a much larger global scale.

Are the American population and the U.S. government just the lead role in the WWF x-rated soap opera - As the World Burns A.K.A. globalisation? I believe they are literally the Oliver North, for the world.

My two cents.

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