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Default Re: Does anyone know what these masonic hand gestures and signals are?

I think he was anti NWO.. and when he made an enemies list of a bunch of CEOs of Multinational Corporations that were destroying the earth.. That is the reason why they threw him away for ever..

Enemy of the State..same kind of deal... in the new language.. a Terroritst Mastermind..Manson bin Laden...

Yep... Everything that is going wrong with this country is because of Him.. That vile and evil person.. "Manson is destroying the U.S. while still in a prison cell"..

"He, and He alone, must be the reason why the U.S. government is losing the War On Terrorism"..

"We must hang Charlie from a cross and torture him as an example of what can happen if.. you start naming names of who controls the NWO".. and especially so if you put their names and address's on a hit list.. for your "Angels to visit"

I don't think Charlie liked the NWO so much.

Good for him.

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