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Let me add to this conversation.. The Dalmatian theory of Christianity.. Where in order to coerce the sheeple into fighting wars, The government approved sages only pick out certain verses of the bible to emphasize.. And the sheeple are so believing that The bible can not be changed for political purposes.. Do a google on Scofield/bible/conspiracy.. if you don't believe me.

In other words the truth of The Bible is white.. and yet the governments pick and chose which of the thousands of verses and phrases to choose from and the results are highlighted in black.. You end up with a spotted dog.

Christianity is the four gospels as far as I am concerned and living a life as a Christian involves turning the other cheek.. Even if they kill you and your family.. and everybody that you ever knew.. According to my interpretation of The Gospels.. Our job as Christians is to die at the hands of the evil ones that they might see that peace and brotherhood and truth is the answer.

As far as I am concerned the Old Testament is a bunch of phony history. Ripe with symbolism.. like Adam and Eve, and Noah's ark, a bunch of fairy tales.. From what I have seen there was no Exodus and Solomon never even had a temple.. The Old Testament as far as I am concerned is the reason for a land grab.. of another peoples country.. And who wrote the Old Testament giving them the land of another people? Was it God or was it greed.

The message of Christ is in the four Gospels.. The rest of the Bible is of little interest to me as it has been retranslated to the destruction of The Christ's Message.
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