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Default Re: Why must I convert???


WE have to stop the invasion of Islam into the Western World It will drag our civilization into the dirt. There's is a religion of penitance and of working your way into salvation. What ever good they expose they copied out of the bible. They are truly a heretic cult of Christianity.

Comparing Muhamed to Jesus is totaly ridiculus Jesus came in Love and offered his life to us.

I wish I could say more about Islam but as you know the could find me and try to kill me, its there way.

Christianity in terms offers salvation as a gift from God the only commanments are "Love your neighbor as if he where you? "Preach the gospel of salvation to all nations" "care for the orphans and widows" And all you got to do is accept Jesus as your savior and repent from your sins.

Of course there are good and bad folowers in any religion but Chritianity is a way of life of love, compassion.

Living under islam is like living with a policeman on your back all day and night. Living under real Christianity is freedom.

Next time one of them comes to you tell them to accept Jesus as lord and savior.


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