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Do you want to know what my FORMER thoughts were?

I used to think that the NWO would be a good thing.

I'm a fan of the Star Trek Series' . . . and I'm not one of those Vulcan Ear wearing freaks, either, so no rude comments, please.

For most of my natural born life, I would alway wonder what it would be like to find and visit an alien race. What would they be like, what would they look like, etc.?

And I thought that the only way this type of look into leaving our solar system with the equivalent of the 'warp' engine to explore the new and vast unknow, would be to have a single government on earth, so that countries weren't in competition with each other . . . so we could work on the whole of humanity. But it would be a government OF, BY, and FOR the people. And the worries of money would not be an issue anymore.

And I still think a government like this wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, except this NWO is NOT OF, BY, or FOR the people . . . it is OF, BY and FOR money.

The reason this is the way it is, in my microscopic mind among a global billions . . .

WE PLACE A VALUE ON EVERYTHING. Even things that don't really matter at all. WHY THE FUCK SHOULD WE HAVE TO PAY FOR WATER OUT OF A STORE? Because the people that run the plant that sends the water to us don't maintain the ducts and filters and whatever else goes into maintaining the water supply. And the same people that sell the water through the pipes are part of the same people that get paid the taxes through the sale of store-bought water.

Now, water in the store that averages 1.00 USD per quart bottle, has (in NJ) a .06 USD tax on it. Funny . . . .06 USD is EXACTLY WHAT IT COSTS for 10 Gallons of water . . . it is a money making thing . . . something that falls down so totally free from the sky is also tainted. The rain has acid in it that comes from the smoke being put in the atmosphere by the corporations. Now the corporations can leaan the sulfates out of the smoke . . . but that would cost money.

Lets review, class. . .

Corporation produces and sells product, makes money.

Corporation Refuses to clean the smoke from the stacks, makes money.

Corporation poisons the rain so the average person needs to get it out of the tap, makes money.

Corporation doesn;t thouroughly maintain the equipment to pipe water into homes, saves, makes money

Government getting paid for ALL OF THIS SHIT. It comforts the average person to know that they have OPTIONS. What they do not realize is that they are being corralled.

And this is just one example . . . this is happening on some level with EVERY ASPECT of society.

and this is the reasons why companies grow.

They make problems for everyone, and then they sell the solution for a profit.

Think of it as Tony Soprano coming into your pizzaria and telling you that you better pay him for protection. The protection is . . . you pay him, and he doesn't have you killed.

To the corporations: Congradulations guys . . . you have taken tribute payments to a whole new level.

But as to the original post . . . there is no limit as to how far this government can go . . . befor you know it, we'll make some alien race into the New American Indian . . . forcing them off of their planet so that we can put our shit there.


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