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Default Re: Arnold Shwarzenneger president in 2008?...

I think the globbies are trying to sell the world on hating the Americans so when the country is collapsed into financial ruin and social chaos, we'll all be saying, "They asked for it".
Yes, that is my take on it, too. Bushco has been set up as "the bad cops", as Dr.Henry has postulated. The ultimate agenda of the NWO is to make Americans so hated that no one cares when we are eventually destroyed by an economic collapse, a preemptive military strike (probably nuclear), or both. The dive that John Kerry took in the 2004 Skull and Bones election attests to this scenario. Ozziecynic, tell me, when is the last time you observed a major political candidate finishing an election with a $50 million SURPLUS in his campaign fund? Win or lose, most actually owe debts that must be paid off by contributions after the election (even further assuring their control by NWO-backed corporate oligarchy).
My guess is also that the Bushco necons were duped into this scenario orignally by the Rothschild's henchmen acting on behalf of a Zionist Israeli faction (hence the fingerprints of the Mossad all over 9/11); yet at some point, I think many Bushco insiders have become wise to how they were manipulated, but there is nothing they can do now. This would explain why the Bush administration stymied any attempt at a credible investigation of 9/11, yet recently Dick Cheney ordered a fullscale workup on the Israeli security leaks occurring inside our intelligence network. Obviously, the conspiracy behind 9/11 was fully revealed in advance to Bushco, but some of the twists and turns since have not, indicating a doublecross on the part of their co-conspirators.
I'm sure Bushco was promised global hegemony for their part in the scheme, but they certainly didn't bargain for being bogged down in Iraq now for two years while the dollar and the American economy slowly collapse.
While it is unabshedly true that most Americans fall into the materialistic, superficial Jerry Springer-type stereotype that you suggest, Ozzie, you give us far too much credit for control over our system to suggest that we could effect any immediate changes to bring this looming cataclysm to a swift and merciful end.
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