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Default Re: The Movie

Okay . . . I LOVE the ideas everyone has been putting out. Some are (sort of) off topic, but can still be used for side-stories.

I'm still putting together sketches . . . when I have something that can, as close as possible, convey the thoughts of the posters, (rather . . . how I interpret the look of the charachters through their posts) and turn them into a physical being. As I interact with you guys more and more, I'm gaining a more accurate mental picture of what y'all look like.

And when I'm ready and I have the images uploaded to my website, you may need a user/login to view them . . . not sure . . . but I'll let you guys know what the URL is . . . and I hope you'll all be pleased.

I have no one charachter totally finished yet. I'm making changes every day . . . but I do believe that I'm on the verge of finishing mary as well as sablefish as of now.

And the biggest chalenge will be how I want myself depicted . . . I'll probably put my likeness on a flukie or two, since, in my eyes, I'm not exactly [insert name of hunk here].

But, be assured . . . once I present the characters to you . . . the writing will begin. (If you guys want to start writing now, you can . . . just so long as you don't put any character specific physical features into the story until after you see them)


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