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Default Re: What is the biggest sin?

Here are the three biggest sins
in my view.

1. Collecting a paycheck from the State.
2. Collecting a paycontract from the State.
3. Borrowing money from a fractional
reserve bank.

This really comes under the heading of Pride
( self-conceit, self-centeredness ).

For instance, did you know that
someone actually had to pay for
that government check that you receive?
A family somewhere had to cut back
on food, clothing, shelter
( worse than murder actually )
so the State worker/State paycontract
collector could parasitically
live off stolen money called taxation.
But they are too self-centered to
think of the consequences to others.

Also, the State worker will complain
about taxes or the government, not realising
that they themselves are the government.
it means that all State workers
of any kind must immediately
quit their jobwelfare because
their entire paycheck is stolen money.
But they are too self-centered to
connect the dots here also.

If you borrow money from
a bank ( ask the bank to
legally counterfeit the money supply )
then you are stealing money from
the general population because
the increased supply of money
causes prices of goods and services
to rise for others. People
are too self-centered to care
about the devastating consequences
to others of their mortgage loan.
If you can't afford it then don't buy

There is no Illuminati, just
500,000,000 people collecting
a State paycheck/contract
and 500,000,000 people
asking fractional reserve banks
to legally counterfeit the
money supply so that they
can have a charge-card or car
or house that they covet ( can't really afford ).

So yes Pride is the major sin
with people marginalising or minimizing
the effects on other families
of the sinners' participation
in Statist theft and fraud.
...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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