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Default Re: Arnold Shwarzenneger president in 2008?...

Be prepared for a constitutional convention in 2007. This is my theory. they will propose ammendments against gay marrage, and for allowing foriegn borns to run for Pres, as long as they have been american citizens for many many years. It is already being laid out for us. Arnold is already campaigning. He is in the news constantly and he is trying to win support among "Liberals" by allowing stem cell research in California. Can't you all see the groundwork being laid down right in front of us?

Any other ammendments to the constitution that they want to add will ride the coattails of these two. Basically if the ammendment to let arnold run passes, we can all kiss ourselves and this great country goodbye. The NWO wins if we allow this ammendment. And at that point, If I am still here, I will be moving out of this country....hasta la vista baby!
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