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Default Re: Sign of things to come.

When you start importing a culture, inparticular one centered DIRECTLY on "materialism", you get ALL of it.

That includes the economic "dog eat dog" system that the U.S excels in. Ironically, this system that waffles ENDLESSLY on it's Capitalistic credentials, is NOTHING less than the "dialectical materialism" expounded by Marx! Fancy that!

The focussing on the purely material as the way of salvation. The endless spread sheets of "facts and figures". The desire to eliminate at all costs "doubt". The desire for the perfect "economic model". The desire for "power" to eliminate "things" that might spoil the "perfect plan" to instigate "paradise" here on Earth.

This was of course the domain of the priest and most of all God. Now the priests are the economic managers...and a sacred caste at that. Because his religion is centered on the material their is of course, no place for God.

The current Elite are like 2 year old children who can now walk and think they are God and the world revolves around them. By falling on their arses several times a day and with repeated scoldings the child learns that they are not God. Bounderies are the key here.

If the Australian people want to avoid the mistakes of the past just take a passing glance at the deterioration of the U.S over the last 50 years inparticular. That is what is in store for us, not taking into account some soon to come to pass bible prophecies.

I note here in Oz some good signs that a backlash is coming to pass. Lots of talk about "community" and an end to the reign of the dogma of economics. The Anglican Church inparticular speaking out LOUDLY on the economic policies of Howard.

Will the peasants be willing to take on all that renouncing the materialists requires? "No toy'ies for naughty girls and boy'ies!" Our masters will take away your priveleges and the peasants will soon learn just what slaves to the material they are.

Still, as long as the coffee and souvlaki's flow all will be well.

P.S...oz is simply being prepared as the ritual host body for the NWO's next 50 year plan. Enjoy!
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