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Default Re: Avian influenza A(H5N1) - update 28: Reports of infection in domestic cats

truebeliever wrote:
If EVER there was a bigger beat up...well there is'nt.

Whats so terribly funny is that to ACTUALLY make a viable immunization shot...wait for's REALLY ironic...the "scientists" have to "make" a version of the virus that ACTUALLY jumps from bird to human! :-D

So in order to fight the "thing" they fear most...the scientists have to actually "make" it...

Oh the irony!

Is'nt it strange how all of a sudden these things are appearing now. For thousands of years bird flu has been around but apparently only now it has become a problem.

"They" must think we're really fucking stupid...

Their opinion of the intelligence of the world

is not very high at all ... and with the reaction

they caused can you blame them ???

The power of the monopoly media to make white

appear as black is indeed amazing. The media

lords are living the alchemist's dream.
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