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Default Re: Flu victims may be locked up

The video PANDEMIC is outrageous!

truebeliever's quotes of GRAEME LAVER appear in part 2 at time 7:30.

Here are some excerpts from BIRD FLU, LIBERTY, AND QUARANTINE

President Bush is asking Congress to supersede the American traditional possee comitatus and allow federal use of armed troops to perform the police function of keeping sick people in and well people out of those streets, towns, cities, or sections of the country where Bird Flu will rage, sicken, and kill.

The Patriot Act has a clause that allows a Governor to declare a state of medical emergency that imposes martial law, requires each person’s submission to the National Guard, demands relinquishing of personal firearms, and mandates involuntary vaccination, treatment, or quarantine. The President wants to commandeer each state’s National Guard and with the military perform those acts in case of Bird Flu.
Finland will vaccinate its entire population against Bird Flu even though the precise flu strain is not known. Current vaccines may be partially or totally ineffective. Apparently Finnish medical authorities decided that partial immunity with a premature vaccine is better than no preparation. Finns also might need less new vaccine when one is finally created if they already have built up some immunity to earlier Bird Flu variants. They may be “teaching” Finnish immune systems to be better prepared when the actual mutational variant is discovered that will create a more exact antigen against the disease.
One major problem with the H5N1 vaccine is that it takes two huge shots separated by a few weeks to create immunity. The large doses of H5N1 vaccine require about 90 micrograms each injection. That is about 12 times the usual flu shot vaccine dose. If the current flu vaccine capacity is a mere 300 million doses, the gigantic quantity per dose required for current Bird Flu H5N1 yields a paltry 25 million doses. Furthermore, one is vulnerable to infection between the two flu vaccine doses.
What about side-effects? What about individual allergic reactions to eggs and to adjuvants? What about adverse drug reactions? What about drug interactions for diabetics and people immuno-suppressed with chemotherpy? What about injuries caused by vaccination? What about deaths caused by vaccines? By vaccines plus adjuvant? All such questions remain unknowns since we do not even know which strain of H5B1 flu will be the base inactivated virus for the vaccine.
In his October 4 Rose Garden news conference, President Bush announced that in case of the potential disaster of a Bird Flu epidemic, he favored the military rather than local and state responders because, as he stated, quarantines would be necessary.
In case of a Bird Flu epidemic, President Bush intends to preempt state and local officials, assure a declaration of martial law, and force people to be imprisoned in their quarantines with the armed force of the American military. Contemplate what that means to you and to this nation.
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