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Default Re: I had an extremely long drawn out debate with a liberal sycophant on another forum...

Thumper wrote:
...and comparing his statist world view, versus my individualistic one, I've come to ask myself, what did God intend for most when he created us humans?

your thoughts, please :-)
Here is the ‘answer’ to your question:

(Keep an open mind)

Do you really think that a human mind could even begin to grasp the answer to this question? A human mind (believe it or not) has a very limited imagination. If you ask the most skilful artist on the earth to draw a picture of another being of another realm, he will draw something that is either remotely human, or something that has NO meaning, because he does not understand, just as he does not understand our origin. God did not create this world or us for reasons that a Human would.

When we die, we must be READY for the next realm (Heaven), or else we are sent back here (reincarnation). Most people have cycled through this many times because he/she does not know HOW to get into the other realm. If you abuse your chance here on earth, you will not get another one. You will go to Hell. If you do finally prepare yourself PROPERLY and you do finally transcend into Heaven, THEN can you ask that question. For a question like that is not of this world and cannot be answered here.
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