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Default Re: I had an extremely long drawn out debate with a liberal sycophant on another forum...

truebeliever wrote:
Fuck heaven.

I'm here right now and denial of this world is a slap in the face to God.

Again...the Kingdom of God is within you. The East worked it out along time ago.

We can never go back to the Garden Of Eden. An angel with a fiery sword prevents this and the only way forward is to the heavenly Jerusalem. A powerful and bonding sense of community and belonging. In this world.
No offence or disrespect TB, but you are under the misconception that the 'material' world is the only world of importance. THIS world is a sieve... a tester... a temporary place. If you chose to stay here, you will. But when you die, you will see the next realm and you will desire to be a part of it more that anything you have or could ever desire on this earth. But when you try and grasp it, you will begin to drift away from it and eventually get sucked back down to earth, where your soul will grieve for months, within a new body. Then you will forget and become a new person. But your soul will always scream out for freedom. I see it in everyone.

Iím just telling you that there is more than only this world and that you should consider it to be more real than the 'material' one. But the choice is entirely yours and it is also your choice to believe what I say.

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