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Default Re: What is Microsoft doing?

Try the Linux operating system if you're having these kinds of concerns about Windows. Linux has come a really long way these past few years and it's a perfectly viable alternative to Windows for most users. The only sticky part is installing it. Installing Linux is easy if you don't mind wiping Windows off your computer, but creating a dual-boot system can be tricky, especially if you want to run both OS's off the same hard drive. I'm not saying that to discourage anyone, but I want people to have a realistic idea of what's involved. I don't want to get blamed if someone accidentally wipes out their hard drive.

Two Linux distros I recommend are:

Debian -


Red Hat Fedora -

Out of the two, Fedora is a bit easier for beginners to install. Suse Linux also has a reputation for being easy to install, though I've never tried it.

Good luck, and fuck Microsoft!
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