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:-( Well it seems I am the only Australian in here which doesnt surprise me to say the least most Australians are an extremely gullible lot!.
I am a male 30 and also a college student like falcon or universities we call them here!

I am a mature age student and after a decade in the workforce as trade appentice and Logistics storeperson and various other occupations i realise just how much as a worker i was being screwed by business big and small and hence the whole NWO economic system.

I am also fed up the the degenerate sexual norms the mainstream media prostelytising this filth!
I am also fedup of the pathetic and corny subcultures the media try prostelytise to youth and those in their twenties!.

Personally i dont know how many years of life i lost to such nihilistic subcultures and their anti establishment facade but in reality just degenerate conformity to NWO standards and attitudes eg. punks goths,hippys whatever thats why i think there so stupid!. :-x
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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