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Default Re: The Most Hated Scientist of the New World Order

”On Global Warming” :-o :-o :-o

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If you read some of “Richard Hoagland” ( ), & “David Wilcock” ( ) (who claims to be a reincarnation of “Edgar Casey” ( ) – if you look at their pictures, they are almost identical) you’ll find that according to Hoagland’s Hyperdimensional Theory, “Global Warming” is a direct result of the Hyperdimensional Physics of the “Solar System.” The theory basically has to do w/ the “Sacred Geometry” of matter, at the atomic levels, & it even further expands to the other “dimensions” & “vibratory” levels of existence. The different “realities” or “planes of existence” unfold out of these “universal” geometrical shapes. David & Hoagland, & on their own research, go on to explain how our solar system is, right now, undergoing a process of “transformation”, where it is literally changing into a higher-vibratory level.

They explain how, in the last decades & years, & in particular over the last century, major changes have been recorded throughout the entire solar system, where our “global warming” is actually, part of this process, but since the controllers want to keep us “blind-folded” about all of this “secret knowledge”, they blame man for the “global warming” (while they can use that as an excuse for another “tax,” & thus keep us on our knees), which is mostly a result of this Hyperdimensional “change” . Actually, the energy (light) doesn’t just travel from the Sun outwards, but it also travels outwards, from w/in the “planets” themselves, & their respective “magnetic fields.” This also includes “human beings,” where the energy “transmutes” via the “chakras.” In essence, all energy emanates or unfolds from the “ether,” (or “aether”) visible or not. There is not such a thing as a “pure vacuum.” There is more energy in a “vacuum” than science wants to publicly admit. That’s where “Zero-Point-Energy” comes from.

Wilcock also explains how this change is directly related to what is called the “Ascension” process, or the “rapture”. Where at some point in time, people will actually “disappear” from this “reality”, yet they will still “exist” on a “higher-vibrational” spiritual plane. The reason that some will not be “transcended” is that they are so “psychologically” attached to the “plane” of “matter” & thus not very “spiritually attuned,” that they will remain here. However, those that “escape” from this “reality” will definitely live in a completely different “world”, as we know it. Supposedly, there are records where in the past we have had other indigenous civilizations (i.e. Mayan) literally disappear, from the earth in the same fashion. This usually takes place through a Hyperdimensional “vortex”.


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