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Default I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

This is an email I sent to henry, after reading his latest great article @ Dude is clued up!

Anyhoo, wanted to get some other comments and perspectives on this matter as it is my pet peeve of society. I also happen to believe it to be the achilles heel of the NWO agenda. I believe this agenda will be their undoing and their downfall. I really do.

Dear Henry,

I completely agree with your article, bar one most relavent point. No need to sugar-coat the truth is my belief.

"As my readers know, I believe the sexual revolution was really homosexual in nature. " Henry.

I disagree. Pedophilia, as it is known in mainstream society, or pedastry, as it is known in some very sick jewish circles is the agenda. The Kinsey report was created, is being glorified in Hollywood, as we type, and is purposefully meant to break down the sexual boundaries past homosexuality and all the way, straight into pedophilia.

The intention behind the subjects of study for Kinsey and ergo the sexual revolution were pedophiles and pedophilia. The intention is to lay the groundwork to make it acceptable within society and O.K. to prey sexually on children - Satan's agenda.

Homosexuality is merely a stepping stone. My two cents.


Mary XXX

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