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Default Re: A lot of bigotry here, I notice (RANT TIME)

There is actually quite a bit of evidence to suggest that Jews, or more accurately, a subsection of them, are one of the major conspiratorial groups to comprise what most of us call the New World Order. For an introduction to the Jewish Question, read David Duke's book "Jewish Supremacism". If reading Duke might make you feel dirty, read the more neutral "Culture of Critique" by Kevin MacDonald.

I <B>do not</B> agree with the neo-Nazis who see Jews behind every tree and blame Jews for every negative trend in Western civilization. Nor do I blame <B>all</B> Jews, or even <I>most</I>, for the actions of the few. But who here would deny the leading role Jewish organizations have played in the assault on freedom of speech in Western nations? Who would deny the heavy Jewish involvement in radical movements like communism? Who here who has studied revisionist material with an open mind believes that the Holocaust took place exactly the way Jews say it did? Does anyone deny the possibility that the "War on Terror" might at least in part be a War for Israel?

I don't hate Jews, but I don't think they or any other group are owed immunity from scrutiny or criticism. If you have any objections to what is said about Jews on these forums, you have a right to state them, and if any Jews have objections, they are free to open an account and debate the issues in question. That's free speech, just the way it should be.
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