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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

Sex with dead people?

Oh, yeah - that stuff Satanic bastards like to do in their Snuff vidoes. What better evidence to hold over the head of a country, than having him engage in pedophilia and force a child to engage in necrophilia towards another child, after he's been raped and murdered in his presence? They like to throw a party and pass the video, and the surviving children, around.

Oprah says molestation is by seduction only, that old Uncle Tom %&^%^#@#$^*^%%&^. I have read a lot of "evidence" on the internet denying ritual Satanic abuse. Apparently, it is the psychologists who have been placing these thoughts in the children's heads.

Well, my mate in England who suffered ritual satanic abuse, as a child, would kindly tell everyone here, that it is real and it goes on and it is a living nightmare of hell for the children involved.

But talking about this stuff makes people uncomfortable...

There are Canadian and British and American representatives of government who are active pedophiles. They are actively seeking to further the agenda of the devil - raping God's children.

This is the ugly truth and I am sorry if it offends any. The truth must come to light. These are the people running the show.

Cowards. They have no real power. God's gonna shine a light and the cockroaches and sewage rats are gonna have to scurry. The public is gonna be out for blood, I can feel it coming. With the light of truth shining, where are they gonna hide?

Who would protect a pedophile? A judge and the law?

I don't profess to know what God thinks, and I know I believe it is high time for things to change for the better and I have been noticing, gradually, the signs of positive change. Slowly but surely.

First, the truth must come to light and that, in itself, will effect change. This is happening everywhere. People are starting to learn more about the truth of what is our present day reality.

I believe in my pea brain, that by me telling you that Senator Buchanan, former Premiere of Nova Scotia, liked three pool boys and three house boys at his pool parties, his future might not go as he had hoped. With our combined prayers, God may intervene.

Him and his "friends" used to pluck boys from the Shelburne Home for Boys. If you were naughty, as a child in this province, you weren't sent to an adult jail, you were sent to a confined children's facility where the chances were 50/50 whether you were molested or not.

Is this God's divine Justice or satan's agenda?

Mary XXX
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