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Default Re: Stop the attack now!

Akbar wrote:
It is wrong to attack Christianity. Christianity is clevely being discarded in the West. It has lost most of it's significance in Europe, but maintains a superficial hold in America. Christianity as it is given was not meant to last long. It is truth mixed with lies. The biggest one being the trinity, which insults your intelligence. The reason why Jesus is worshipped as a flesh body is to make it easier to get people to focus more on the needs of the flesh more so than spiritual needs. It also, has very strong racial superiority overtones as well. Jesus is very clear in the Bible that the focus should be solely on God alone and that he (Jesus) should be seen as a knowledge body. After all doesn't it make more rational sense to view Jesus as a knowledge body? Instead of saying Jesus (flesh) saves, it should be Jesus (the word of God) saves. Jesus is a representation of man in his conscious state. He represents man trying to live the life that God wants for him. Jesus really is the second Adam. In Islam, Adam is seen as a prophet, which means that he was not the first human being. It only means that God only recognises us as human only when we are conscious.
If we are not conscious, then we are dead living the life of an animal. So the role of religion is to help man evolved to this conscious state so he can become more reponsible for himself and his environment. When we all get to this state then there will be peace on earth. So lets not attack Christianity and be in the group with the Satans. Lets work to learn the wisdom in all religions. Once you learn the wisdom behind all of the religions, you will conclude that there is really one religion(way of life) that is expressed in several different ways. This one religion is to submit to only one God.


I see what you are saying and I agree with you for the most part! But the misconception goes much deeper that that. We must live our lives spiritually and not materialistically. This is a constant within most religions. God is not supposed to be idolized. Only loved and respected deeply and truly.

Jesus is a perfect example of how a human should be when on earth. That is one of the most important purposes of Christianity: to teach people to be as Jesus was.
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