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Default Re: Marxism

I have sympathy for any country that has been brainwashed by their media and politicians, as bad as the U.S.A. has been lied to and decieved. Children are dumbed down through public education - no doubt.

The U.S. are assaulted with this shit, more than any other country of people's. I have to feel compassion for someone who does not realise what the truth is and is living a lie.

I will also point out that our politicians and our Canadian way of life is just as messed up as the U.S. Our local media is becoming ABC and CNN feed. Disturbing to say the least. canada is no better and just as involved in these dirty deeds as the U.S. Canada is just as guilty as the next country.

I guess when the Russian taxi driver can tell me that he came to Canada because he believed the propaganda... that is saying something.

I've been trying to understand your point of view because it is so different and to me, most relavent. You are looking from the outside into North America.

I think the U.S. is going to be financially collapsed and sent into an insane financial depression. I have to have compassion for the American families who foolishly gambled their wages, investing in the stock markets. When they are crashed?

I have to have compassion for those who were too greedy in purchasing their homes, modesty was not on the cards, as when the insurance rates sky-rockets, many families will be homeless; middle class people without the coping skills of the poor. There is hell coming to the states and it's called civil war.

Imagine a suburban ghetto? Paints an ugly picture.

I have had many visions of civil war in the American cities. I have to have compassion for them, like I do the families in Faluja, Iraq. There are many victims - innocent and guilty alike.

Civil war has already begun in the inner cities of the U.S. and it is here in my canadian home town too.

Children in some areas, are put to bed with the gunfire explained away from "They're starting the boat races, hun, goto sleep" to "You are not allowed out, you might get shot."

I guess my compassion truly lies with the children and the children need the adults so I have to have compassion for their ignorant asses too. That's just the way I think and believe and live my life.

I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around and the U.S.A. is not the lead bitch in my books. Just another co-conspirator.

Your thoughts please?

Mary XXX
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