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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

As much as I like to see anythng bad happen to the evil Dr. K, I think it is obvious that most of the CIA firings by Bush's new yes-man Porter Goss are of Rothschild devotees.
That is the rift currently ongoing in the NWO. I still believe that the Rothschilds duped Bush and the neocons into going along with 9/11, then doublecrossed them afterward. That is why there has been so much housecleaning, including the internal investigations ordered by Cheney after some Israeli double-agents were discovered within our intelligence apparatus. From that point, there would appear to be an obvious panic emerging from the Bush administration. (The recent Asian Tsunami may be one reaction to that panic, as they try to take a large number of Islamic Asian players out of the game before it further escalates.)
As Dr. Henry says, Bush is the "bad cop". He and his neocon controllers were conned into starting this whole war on terror mess with the promise of American hegemony. That was the carrot on the stick. The real plan all along was to weaken and discredit the U. S. to the point where it will be ripe for destruction. This destruction will have both an economic and military component, with maybe even an act of terrorism or natural disaster (earthquake in California) thrown in for good measure.
Bush was permitted to rig the election for these reasons, as fellow Bonesmen John Kerry took an obvious and intentional "dive". If there is any hope to forestall this plot, Bush must still be overthrown immediately by a regime not under the control of the Rothschild-controlled UN and NWO.
Only that woulld make them regroup and belay the current marching orders.

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