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and where does your anti-american bullshit come from ? this is not an american thing-it's roots are european,if anything . we in america who believe in freedom and self-determination are being victimized along with everyone else. your characterization of US culture being one and the same with globalism(NWO) is indicative of your apparent hatred of america . your country wouldn't be as free as it is ,nor would the rest of the world, without the influence of the USA over the last 200 or so years .it just so happens that the economic freedom here built tremendous wealth(which our international bankers have just about siphoned off)and the affluence in america is probably most responsible for our culture influencing that of the rest of the free world to such a degree . our culture,incidently,has been deteriorating at a rapid rate due in part to the strategic planning of the globalist-controlled media and government. multi-cultural rhetoric along with massive immigration has left only a fragment of the american culture i grew up with .the US government deserves to be demonized ,as you seem more than willing to point out, but not only on points of foreign policy ,but domestic as well,possibly even more so . we are getting screwed at least as much as you are . you are obviously well-educated appears you have swallowed some of the poison spewed forth by your fat socialist professors so that now ,capitalism and america are the scapegoats to all the world's problems . to that i say BS ! free market capitalism is responsible for the level of comfort you and i live in,a level unimaginable only a couple generatios ago, and is an essential to a free society . but while no one was looking,with the help of our elected officials(traitors) ours became a monopolistic capitalism and that is a monster that threatens to consume us all .
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