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Default israelites.

not israelies.
there is a whole range of articles that use the word israelites.some say this,others say the opposite.what do you think the word means.who are/were they?
next one is the word gentile.when you read the word in an article,what do you think the word means.
if i say that a gentile is the same as an israelite,would you believe it?
i raise this issue after i met a christian who takes in israelies who are on holiday here.i think, that he thinks that israelites,israelies,jews,gods chosen ones, is all the same.can i swear now?
it's not easy to talk about this to someone who believes this.even if you can,it would make them feel stupid.they won't accept that they have been hoodwinked for most off their lives. :-)
your thoughts are welcome.

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